Blockchain! Huh what?


Blockchain! Huh what?

Masterclass Blockchain // Sam Wouters

  • Sam Wouters, Blockchain expert Duval Union Consulting
  • 30th of November 2017, 2-5 pm in BeCentral, Brussels
  • € 375 (VAT excl.)

What is blockchain really?

You’ve probably heard about the blockchain many times over the past years. And yet after so many articles and videos you still can’t explain what it is, how it works and when you should use blockchain.

What will you learn?

In an afternoon workshop, Sam Wouters will explain you why blockchains exists, how they work and what you should do with them. We’ll also dive deeper and discuss use cases for your business and industry, so you understand where and how a blockchain adds value.


CMO’s, CIO, Digital Marketing Directors, Communication Managers, Business Development Managers, Sales & Marketing Directors, Social Media Managers, Business Unit Managers, PR Managers, IT Managers,…




Is blockchain real and is it bound to happen? – These kind of questions, Sam will be delighted to answer for you. Also and especially specifically for your business.

Shall we have a deep-dive into how technically blockchain works?– The class has not the objective to go into all technical details, however it will give you insights on the way of working of blockchain.



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