Snackable Masterclasses // Subscribe to 1, get 1 for free.


Snackable Masterclasses // Subscribe to 1, get 1 for free.

NEW Snackable Masterclasses // Autumn 2017

Wow, in this fast changing world you need to learn every day to stay up to date. Heavy stuff! That’s why we offer 1 free Masterclass in 2018 to each one subscribing to a Masterclass in 2017.

Program 2018: AI, VR, GDPR, Influencers, Neuromarketing,…

Blockchain? Huh, what?

Join Sam’s inspiring class and become a blockchain genius.

Masterclass Blockchain
Sam Wouters, Duval Union Consulting
30th of November 2017, 2-5 pm, Brussels
375 EUR (excl. BTW)

Marketing Automation? Yes please!

Join Frederic’s hands-on class and you’ll learn how to draw a Marketing Automation roadmap for your business, by yourself.

Masterclass Marketing Automation
Frederic Vanderheyde, Duval Union Innovative Marketing
1st of December 2017, 9-12 am, Antwerp
375 EUR (excl. BTW)

Add to cart?

eCommerce is now, but are you aware of the challenges you are up against? Legal and tax insights, generating traffic, logistics,… This class gives you an integrated approach.

Masterclass eCommerce from A to Z
Amongst confirmed experts: Peter Somers, SprintPack
5th of December 2017, 9-12 am, Experience pilot store Mediamarkt Wilrijk
Automn offer 125 EUR (excl. BTW)

King Customer?

Customer Centricity is more than good service. Join Carole Lamarque & Geert Martens’ class and learn how to put the customer first.

Masterclass Customer Centricity
Carole Lamarque, Duval Union Innovative Marketing
Geert Martens, Duval Union Consulting
19th of December 2017, 2-5 pm, Antwerp
375 EUR (excl. BTW)

First Tuesday Business Connect – Hallowine tasting

Duval Union Business Connect on the 7th of November in Antwerp. Since it is almost Halloween we are having a Hallowine tasting with pairing food offered by Quality & Matters.


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