Louise Kloster

Louise Kloster

Marketing Director at Microsoft Advertising Europe

Louise grew up in the media agency world exploring the fun ways of creating digital solutions in display and search. She then moved to Microsoft Advertising where she worked the last 10 years, most lately as Marketing director for Europe.

Over the last years she has been a key member of the launch of the programmatic offering in Europe. Working closely with agencies, ad technology partners and CMOs in making the transition understandable and efficient.

Louise continues to develop her digital skills and has lately taken a master class on digital transformation at Hyper Island in New York.



Real-Time Bidding by Duval Union Academy

Programmatic fundamentals for all CMOs and marketeers

Programmatic is one of the “hot” words in advertising.  The different taxonomy with terms such as private auctions, preferred deals and automated guaranteed makes it quite confusing to understand the fundamentals. Join 4 hours of intensive training to get the foundation of the new data driving media landscape. Who are the players? Why does media evolve this way? And most important: what does it mean for you as a marketeer.

As a marketer you need to understand and know the basics – otherwise the result can be quite dramatic. How do you make sure your ad is not showing in inappropriate places? How do you make sure you are not bidding against yourself driving up the prices? How do you know that all the trafic you pay for is not coming from robots? How can you make sure your banner is actually shown? Can you buy programmatic yourself or do you need to use an expert?

The media landscape is changing rapidly and in the future most media will be bought through some kind of programmatic buying method. Today digital advertising and radio – tomorrow TV and outdoor will follow.

Now is the time to understand the fundamentals.