Duval Union Academy sets you up
for a world of change.

Duval Union Academy is part of the Duval Union Group.

Duval Union is an ecosystem of different marketing and ad tech companies and startups with at the center a consulting company, that has the mission to help brands and corporations enter the new normal of constant innovation & disruption.

With this mission in mind, we created the Duval Union Academy.


We want to enlarge the toolbox of every single CEO, CMO, CFO, CIO, CTO and CDO.

Our Duval Union Academy team consists of top-level in-house specialists and partner experts. All renowned for their expertise and experience in their field. And all of them engaged to share their knowledge with today’s decision makers.

Because it’s up to them – you – to ensure the future of your brand or corporation.


Forewarned is forearmed.

One way to be able to succeed, is to be informed about the new ways of working, tendencies and especially upcoming (disrupting) technology and business models.


Take a look at our Offer of dedicated events and trainings on high trending topics, to see how we can help you broaden up your horizon and stay up to date with the latest marketing, technology and business trends.