Duval Union



To help our clients stay in a strong position, we founded Duval Union, a new marketing and communications group.

We are a collaborative and cooperative marketing ecosystem that combines the know-how of seasoned marketing services agencies with the ambitions of young marketing technology start-ups to fix business & marketing issues of companies.  An agent of change that helps Brands and Corporations to enter the new normal of constant innovation & disruption.

We consult and execute on business, marketing and communication challenges that help brands to prepare for and adapt to the new now, in thinking more start up, more agile, flexible, and effective.

We combine brains and builders. We bring out the best in both.


Overview of the Duval Union companies




Duval Union Consulting is a consulting company for a new digital world and the central core of Duval Union.

A strong team of consultants helps companies and brands to anticipate change and leverage technology platforms to rethink and transform their businesses.  We help with their long term Digital Transformation, yet also provide them with all necessary strategic advice to deal with Digital Strategy, Social Media and day to day Marketing challenges.


Duval Union Consulting is based on the foundation of DearMedia and Youmen. DearMedia, the company originally created in 2009 by Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem. Together they grew the company into a team of 8 consultants and in 2015 they decided to become the heart of the Duval Union ecosystem.


Youmen founded by Frederic Vanderheyde and Carole Lamarque was integrated in the Duval Union Consulting company in 2015 as well, to grow the Innovative Marketing expertise.


The company works for clients, in Belgium as well as internationally: Colruyt Group, Makro, Torfs, JBC, Sanoma, De Persgroep, d’Ieteren, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belfius, Argenta, Danfoss, Voyages-SNCF, Thalys, bpost and many others.

Corporate branding


You have to become who you are 


Today, companies are beginning to understand that people want meaning instead of messaging. Call it conversation, call it content, call it whatever you like. ‘Brand’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about who you are and what you do.

At Duval Branding, we dare companies to (re)discover who they really are. Why are they doing what they are doing? And, then, we help them to communicate their vision, beliefs and personality in a coherent, inspiring way. So they, somehow, become who they truly are.

Market research



Profacts is a full-service market research company.

We reveal factors for success for Belgian and international companies through:

  • Quantitative research
    Online, telephone, face-to-face, etc.
  • Qualitative research
    Focus groups, interviews, online communities, etnographic research, etc.
  • Neuro research
    Eye tracking, online implicit measures, facial expressions, physiological measures etc.

Our company values:

  • Customer delight
    We’re not satisfied until you’re delighted.
  • Can do
    Nothing is impossible at Profacts.
  • Fun
    Working with and at Profacts is fun.

Digital Brand Experience Builders



Barnyard is all about building innovative Digital Brand Experiences that stick, creating an engaged customer and a long-term impact on brands.


How does my brand interact best with this digital savvy, always on-the-go, customer?’

Barnyard’s favourite question, with multiple innovative and effective answers.

The Barnyard Brand Experience portfolio includes various mobile apps, interactive campaigns, digital instore & outdoor activations, branded platforms and a bunch of Internet of Things experiments.




Unboring Life


We help brands unbore the lives of their audience, both strategically and creatively.
Not only with advertising, but also with their products, content, experiences, activation, surprises and ‘there are no words for it yet’.
FRIENDSHIP works as an experienced collective of admen, geekmarketers and graphic wonderboys. No pricy teams or expensive jibber jabber, just creatives with branded ideas and vision, and always with a commercial backbone.

Creative studio



We’re a creative studio with one sole purpose: impact. We fuse stories, technology and innovation to stir things up way beyond the internet.


Our commandments

We’re as transparent as an old granny’s purple died perm.

Going Aretha Franklin on your ass with this one.

No timesheets
Timesheets… Yeah, uhu, is that like a kind of blanky?

No performance evaluations
Performance evaluations be gone! May you burn in hell. Together with Nickelback, menstrual cramps and Candy Crush invites.

We work until it works
Working it… WORKING IT… still working it. Is it working yet?

Freedom & responsibility
You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? We sure can!

Great Workplace
Google ain’t got nothing on our DIY desks.

Managing through context
There are two sides to every story. And then there’s what Twitter‘s got to say about it.

No fear
Is that a giant spider under your seat?


From mobile data to smart life

Sentiance unlocks contextual mobile experiences by mining sensor data on smartphones, wearables and connected devices. Sentiance enables companies worldwide to tap into a new level of mobile personalization and engagement.

Social media platform




We have been amazed over the past few years as to why customer support/retention has been the afterthought of the social media platform market. This is incredibly strange, because everyone knows that customer retention is multiple times more cost effective than acquisition.

The social market is filled with Marketing-centric products or “check box” customer support bolt-ons. Marketing and customer service are two completely different business units with different success metrics, and they need different applications.

Sparkcentral exists in this subtle but key distinction, and is purposely built as a social customer service platform geared towards large enterprises with a goal of increasing their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Local social media platform




Whilst we are connected with friends and family all over the world, we barely know the people that share and shape our very own neighborhood? In a time where local communication is very fragmented and all over the place, we have become locally disconnected. Hoplr – the local social network tailored to cities and towns – helps you to interact with your local environment to immerse yourself in local information, initiatives, events and discussions.

You are a citizen of the new digital age, but how do you interact with your environment today? Is it smart and efficient? Think about it. Are you also experiencing trouble to set up a local initiative, to organize an event or to communicate with your local government? The wait is over. Empower yourself and claim back your voice, because a vibrant neighborhood starts with yourself.

You have a local business or organization, but how do you engage the people in your vicinity? And what about your online presence? Do you also think it’s unfair that large corporates with deep pockets buy all the advertisement space out there? And even if you would pay, are you sure you reach your local audience? Stop this madness. Target the right audience and start expanding your local footprint.

You are a member of the local government, but how are you involving the people that you represent? Through a letter or email, different Facebook groups or just volatile Tweets? And do you really receive all the bottom-up feedback there is to get? It’s time to get in touch. We provide a better way to connect with your citizens by focusing on social engagement and participation that will turn your city into a real smart city.

Join us and become the next local hero!

a new way of watching television




TV as we know is coming to an end.

Internet Television will replace linear TV.

The future of Television is in APPS.

– Reed Hastings (Chief Executive Netflix)
MyChannls is a new way of watching television. Bearing in mind the latest technological evolutions in the field of smart TV’s and social media, there’s no doubt about it: watching TV will drastically change over the next 3 to 5 years! Over-the-top content selling, Time shifted viewing, Mobile TV, multi screens; …
MyChannls is a web-based video curating platform that offers people the opportunity to create their own TV-Channls depending on their own interests: sports, documentaries, Humor, Short movies, animation movies, ….
MyChannls re-defines the way we watch television based on 3 simple key words:

MyChannls presents you the possibility to create your own channls based on free content.

Due to the integration of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,…) you share your channls with everyone and you – as a creator – build up a community around those channls.

Since Mychannls is a free platform you can watch all channls created by others and as a result you can discover and follow content, selected by everyone. Through analytics of your interests, your viewing habits (and those of your friends) we can offer selected content to each viewer.
But there’s more! MyChannls wants to support and reinforce audio-visuals talent: young creative film makers, video-artists, cartoon animators,…. The INDIE-scene! This pool of talented young artists and creative collectives … has no platform through which they can promote and sell their unique video content to a large audience. (Peers) MyChannls offers them the possibility to sell and display their work to a bigger audience.
Recently, MyChannls closed a European distribution deal with Samsung.

MyChannls developed a Smart TV APP that will be released on every European Smart TV in 26 countries (around 50 million TV’s) reaching out to a large Audience.
To develop, promote and commercialize MyChannls we are looking for an investor to maximise the MyChannls potential.

use your smartphone to order drinks




Tsjing is an intelligent mobile ordering application for one of the sexiest industries in the world. Our unique ecosystem approach aims for generating substantial value for all stakeholders.

HOSPITALITY VENUES now have the opportunity to increase their net results by generating additional revenues, improving their service and revamping their overall guest experience.

CONSUMERS no longer have to wait for service and they will receive relevant and value adding gifts or deals.

BRANDS get real-time access to unseen market intelligence and have the opportunity to connect with relevant and receptive end consumers.

Tsjing is a brand by Forum Group N.V.

reach students effectively




Zerocopy is the new kid on the block in student advertising.

Zerocopy offers a free printing service for student courses, in return for targeted advertising on the prints.

But Zerocopy is much more than that, it is also a platform that offers direct access to the student community in Belgium.