KMO Portefeuille/SME e-Wallet

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KMO Portefeuille/SME e-Wallet

What does this measure entail

The SME wallet is a web application through which entrepreneurs can obtain €10,000 to €15,000 of subsidies each year, supporting their further professionalisation. The aid can be obtained when purchasing services provided by registered service providers in the areas of training and

Who is eligible

The SME e-wallet is oriented towards practitioners of ‘liberal professions’ and SMEs whose operational headquarters are located in the Flemish Region.
Only enterprises that fit the definition of an enterprise and have an acceptable legal form (e.g. not-for-profit organizations are excluded) and an acceptable main activity on the basis of the NACE code can apply for aid.

Which services are eligible

Aid can be obtained for the following 2 pillars:

Training programs attended by all people employed (employees and employers) in the enterprise, with the aim of improving the current or future operation of the enterprise. Legally obligatory training programs are also eligible. For each program or course, a personalized training certificate must be issued.
Examples: computing course, language training, management training, communication skills course, …

Advice in the SME portfolio is always written, and focused on the core processes of the company, intended to improve the functioning of the company. The advice enables entrepreneurs to take correct and fundamentally informed decisions for their business.
Legally obligatory and periodical advisory opinions are excluded from aid. Services regarding subsidies, guidance and the implementation itself are not eligible either.
Examples: market study, communication plan, investment analysis, …

Amount of aid

The aid percentages are:

Training – Advice

Support 40% – Maximum

Support 30% – Maximum

Companies can choose freely how to spend the subsidy budget: whether on advice and/or training.

Which service providers are eligible

The service providers that are engaged must be registered as such. A survey of the service providers per domain can be found on the website

Duval Union Academy is a registered service provider.

Application procedure

You will have to register your enterprise on the website in advance. Prior to this registration, you will need to register as trustee of your enterprise, by means of your federal token or your electronic identity card.
Before submitting your subsidy application, you must already have concluded an agreement with a recognised service provider. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the performance of the services.
Upon confirmation of the application by the service provider, the enterprise will have to pay its own contribution to the electronic portfolio in full within 30 days.

Source & contact

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship
T +32-2-227 60 42

Duval Union Academy