Why should you sign up for GDPR Masterclass?

Why should you sign up for GDPR Masterclass? By Vincent Buyssens, digital nomad and social media expert at communication agency Friendship. Masterclass GDPR March 1st | BeCentral, Brussels GDPR Masterclass, a different approach. Learn how to go into a transparant dialogue with you customers while respecting their privacy. data privacy, data storage and data management : the […]


Blockchain! Huh what?

Masterclass Blockchain // Sam Wouters Sam Wouters, Blockchain expert Duval Union Consulting 30th of November 2017, 2-5 pm in BeCentral, Brussels € 375 (VAT excl.) TICKETS What is blockchain really? You’ve probably heard about the blockchain many times over the past years. And yet after so many articles and videos you still can’t explain what […]

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