Inbound Marketing Transformation

Why follow this Inbound Marketing Transformation Masterclass

  • Inbound Marketing transformation: increase your SEO optimised Content Marketing and generate traffic that converts 3 times as many leads at 62% lower cost than traditional Marketing.
  • Get to know your competitor: discover how your competitors build traffic via tools, tips and tricks you can start using immediately. Because good artists copy – great artists steal. (Steve Jobs)
  • Buyer Personae: create profitable Buyer Personae, as you cannot attract prospects with your content if you don’t know anything about them. We will teach you how to create a fictional representation of your ideal prospect. What do they look like? What are their goals and pain points? How do they consume information and how do they buy? It’s a lot easier to develop lead generating content when you know who you are writing for and what affects their purchase behaviour.
  • Funnel optimisation: use content, smart CTA’s and workflows in a better way so it optimises and shortens your sales cycle. We’ll also work on how to get Marketing & Sales alignment to the next level.
  • Conversion: identify KPI’s, set benchmarks and get tons of tips & tricks on conversion optimisation.
  • Content: get introduced in the development of a content creation and distribution strategy
  • Website: get ideas and examples on how to boost your website ROI

The key benefits of attending this Inbound Marketing Transformation Masterclass

  1. You’ll have an understanding of what Inbound Marketing is, how you can apply it in your company, the benefit it brings and what you need to get started.
  2. We will build an actual case in teams together
  3. You will learn over more than 20 actionable conversion tips for your website.
  4. You’ll have a first personae example and a methodology to create other ones
  5. You’ll receive a template and methodology to do Customer Journey Mapping

Target audience for this Inbound Marketing Transformation Masterclass

Marketers who understand that a combination of website optimization, content creation, search engine optimization, email marketing, lead generation and social media marketing is the way to attract (new) customers. And Marketers that are looking for strategy and tactics to actually deliver.

Your hosts for this Inbound Marketing Transformation Masterclass

Johan Vandecasteele is owner and founder of Leadstreet, a leading Inbound Agency in Belgium and the UK. Johan is a marketer pur sang who started his career at ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ as action Marketer, later on at NUM, Sanoma Magazines, Minoc etc.

Renout van Hove, Martech expert and mentor that has helped many startups and scale ups accelerate growth. Renout gained his eperience at, Showpad and Dell and brings tons of knowledge on what it takes to setup organisations for scaleable and predictable growth by using the right technology. He’s founder of Growthagent, a growth marketing consulting company.

Practical details of this Inbound Marketing Transformation Masterclass

Location: De Villermont Training & Meeting Center

Address: De Villermontstraat 9, 2550 Kontich

Date: Friday, May 24 2019


10.00: welcome & start masterclass part 1
12.30: lunch
13.15: start masterclass part 2
15.45: Q&A
16.00: network drink


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