Miel Van Opstal

Miel Van Opstal

Senior product owner corporate marketing at Colruyt Group and founder at WaveLab

Miel is a marketing facilitator who finds ways to effectively leverage consumer insights to profitably acquire and retain customers. After his Microsoft years as a Technology Evangelist for EMEA, he started working for advertising agencies, European commissions and corporate consulting agencies as a digital marketing contractor.  For the past 4 years Miel has been lecturing marketing insights at Universities and colleges in France, the US and Belgium and he’s currently contracted to Colruyt Group as the Senior PO of Corporate Marketing.



Visual Communication for Digital Marketing: how to enhance the Consumer Experience

Strong storytelling, meaningful connections and a good digital reputation are important to connect with the right audience segments, to gain trust and to be able to convert leads to customers.

This extended training session covers the concepts, tools, and techniques you need to both communicate with customers in a systematic and integrated way using multi-media channels and to create effective targeted promotional campaigns to strengthen the connection with customers.