Timothy Desmet

Timothy Desmet (Ph.D.)

Founder and managing partner of Profacts

Profacts was founded in 2006 and is a fast growing full-service market research company. Timothy made a Ph.D in Experimental Psychology at Ghent University and worked for 2 years as Visiting Scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston. Timothy was Psychologist of the Year in 2011 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for East-Flanders in 2014. Profacts was a Trends Gazelle in 2014 and 2015 and a Deloitte Technology Fast50 in 2012, 2014 and 2015.



Neuro Marketing by Duval Union Academy

Introduction to Neuromarketing: Linking emotions to consumer decisions

The masterclass will consist of three chapters:

  1. Theoretical introduction about the way the brains of costumers process information. We will focus on the notorious distinction of the fast, emotional (System 1) and the slow, rational (System 2) system proposed by Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman. We will illustrate with concrete examples and applications how these two systems impact every day decisions and emotions.
  2. We will give an extensive overview of the various methodologies that can be used in neuromarketing. Next to brain imaging (such as fMRI and EEG) and physiological measures (such as eye tracking and galvanic skin response), we will focus on innovative, much more accessible methodologies, such as online behavioral tasks (e.g. pricing research, brand research, packaging tests, etc.).
  3. During a hands-on session participants will have the opportunity to experience and test several of these innovative techniques.