Innovative Marketing 2017

The latest marketing equipment you need.

Disruptive innovations are everywhere, even in dark little corners. Watching you fight the daily battle of being unique. When you least expect it they open a hidden door with new opportunities. But are you ready to grab them?

Each session, our team of seasoned professionals will give you the unavoidable actual trends in marketing land and will provide you with enough keys to fit multiple locked doors you’ve been struggling with. Moreover, with the ones you probably weren’t aware of.

In this program Carole Lamarque, accompanied with other professionals on the field, will train and guide you in order to bend the latest trends to your own proper advantage.

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Carole Lamarque

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What can you expect?

In 13 sessions you will receive an answer to the most crucial question: “am I able to understand all these new catchy concepts?”. Or would you wait until they’ll become the Uber of your industry and let them literally run over you?

Every Friday afternoon you will be equipped with the latest technological trends and how marketing can use them to your advantage, starting from September. Moreover, you’ll learn how to use your best artillery in terms of soft and hard skills. And above all, we will confer a personal certificate for attending these classes as a result of your acquired knowledge and skills.

Ready to step into that dark alley exploring which direction you should go? Let our experts guide you.

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You will learn how to

Detect the latest innovations in your territory

Implement the latest innovations into your strategy

Discover your own market potentials

Strengthen your digital strategy online

Improve your managerial approach

Tackle complex issues in teams and organizations

Use practical tools and methods to improve your corporate culture

Clarify your market approach in an ever-changing environment

  1. Neuromarketing & Innovative Research –
    Tim Desmet

    How does the consumer brain work? Most marketers now understand that consumer decisions are driven much more by emotional, instinctive processes than by rational, logical considerations. In this session, we will give an overview of the current scientific knowledge about how the brain and cognitive processes of consumers influence buying decisions. We will start with illustrating the irrationality of the brain, using the System 1 (fast, emotional thinking) and System 2 (slow, rational thinking) division of Daniel Kahneman. In the second part, we will give an overview of the innovative research methods that were specifically developed to study the emotional, instinctive brain (System 1). In the third part, using actual cases we will illustrate how these new methods have been used by brands all over the world in order to boost sales.

  1. Research based Brand Positioning – Klaus Lommatzsch

    Through an innovative set-up of quali and quanti research, we create and test insights to uncover how your brand can help consumers realize their aspirations and  deal with their anxieties. Setting up researchfrom a marketing POV allows us to define the brand’s needs in terms of product and positioning.

  1. Digital Transformation

    In this session we will show you all the aspects of DigitalTransformation: what it is, what you can learn from other industries,where we are today, why it is so important, what it means for yourcompany, what to expect and so much more.

  1. Lean Marketing

    Our Belgian ecosystem of start-ups has increased significantly and innovative projects were created and supported. Nevertheless, not every start-up is destined to be successful. Omar Mohout will teach you how Lean Marketing has an essential role in this story and what other companies can learn from this strategic methodology.

  1. Mobile apps are ruling you and your smartphone

    Can you even imagine a life without those little tiles on your smart device who will help you measure, share and check nearly everything? There is a killing overload of crap although we’ll do tell you what it takes to get noticed in that billion-dollar industry.

  1. Agile marketing techniques – Frederic Vanderheyde

    Agile marketing moves away from the idea of big, LT, and rigid marketing plans, and sets the frame for a new way of thinking: How can I improve my marketing actions tomorrow. Agile is a development discipline, which software developers are using for decades, that focuses on improving the speed, productivity, adaptability, and responsiveness of the a process, both internally and externally. Lots of the principles of agile development not only have appeared to be applicable in marketing, but they have often proven to increase efficiency of teams, speed up the go to market, and deliver more efficient marketing plans in the end, scoring better business results.

  1. How Virtual is shifting the Reality – Leen Segers 

    We can’t get around Virtual Reality anymore. Big companies like Samsung are big spenders in launching cutting-edge products and services towards this booming market. Our experts will convince you during the first part of this session that there is way more you can do with just a nice pair of goggles.Still not convinced afterwards? Let our visit to an Innovation Lab in the second part of this session take away your scepticism while trying high-tech features available on the market.

  1. Digital Business reinforcement

    Leads gained by Inbound Marketing can cost you up to 60% less than the classic outbound leads you collect. Discover this and many more of this digital version of pull marketing and start collection qualified leads from the very beginning.In addition is the email still a crucial element understanding and using Inbound Marketing to the fullest. You will learn in this session how to use Inbound Marketing as an update to your existing strategy in addition with email marketing combined with practical cases and tools.

  1. Programmatic Fundamentals – Marc Bresseel

    It’s a confusing world out there in Programmatic advertising. In this session you will get an overview of the basic elements in the programmatic / automated advertising world. DMP, DSP, SSP, RTB etc what are each of these components? How do they work and why are they important? How do you start to get the best out of this ecosystem into your / your clients advantage? We’ll provide you with answers in this session, show you some very relevant cases, give you some tools to understand better and to engage better with your media agency.

  1. Agile hacking your Project Fundamentals

    Because agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile companies (MIT). That’s why companies also need marketing agility.And while a good project manager still needs natural abilities that range from being a tactical problem solver to reading the nuances of human behavior, processes and methods are getting critical.  Introducing agile methodologies into marketing project management will boost pace & performance of your marketing operations.

  1. They’ll know what you’ll buy tomorrow

    How can neuroscience be effective for marketing purposes? That’s a question that’s been asked a lot lately and still underestimated. Get an answer to all your questions and the usage of neuro in a corporate environment in this session.In addition, we will walk you through the latest developments in the eCommerce landscape. During this session you will learn the essential developments and new opportunities with a strong focus on practical examples.

  1. SEO for CEO’s

    Pleasing Google in order to get a higher ranking is the ultimate goal when it comes to SEM. Unfortunately, Google is obviously aware and changes its beloved secret algorithm several times a year. Yet, not everything remains a secret for our seasoned professionals. In this session you will learn the great power of SEM combined with the LinkedIn fundamentals.

  1. Lego Serious Play

    Discover how Lego blocks and a certified facilitator can improve your problem-solving skills as a team and improve common understanding in meetings. After introducing the concept, we will put things into practice by testing the effectiveness of Lego Serious Play. So, tap into your creativity and explore a new way of thinking.


Session 1: Friday 15 September 2017
Neuromarketing & Innovative Research – Tim Desmet

Session 2: Friday 22 September 2017
Research based Brand Positioning – Klaus Lommatzsch

Session 3: Friday 29 September 2017
Digital Transformation

Session 4: Friday 6 October 2017
Lean Marketing

Session 5: Friday 13 October 2017
Mobile apps are ruling you and your smartphone

Session 6: Friday 20 October 2017
The New Wave

Session 7: Friday 27 October 2017
How virtual is shifting the reality – Leen Segers

Session 8: Friday 3 November 2017
Digital Business Reinforcement

Session 9: Thursday 9 November 2017
Programmatic Fundamentals – Marc Bresseel

Session 10: Friday 17 November 2017
Agile hacking your project fundamentals

Session 11: Friday 24 November 2017
They know what you’ll buy tomorrow

Session 12: Friday 1 December 2017
SEO for CEOs

Session 13: Friday 8 December 2017
Lego Serious Play

*content of the courses may change


3750 euro excl. VAT for:

  • 13 half day sessions
  • 3 personal coaching sessions
  • Personal certificate
  • Free copy of:
    • ‘Lean Pricing’ – Omar Mohout
    • ‘Influencers’ – Carole Lamarque
  • Enjoy a discount of 50% on the registration of the program if your colleague subscribes with you.


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